Top 4 Things You Need To Know About Domain Names

Your domain name is the URL of your website or blog. It’s the address of your website—that string of letters and dots that people type into the URL bar at the top of a search engine. Here are the top four things you need to know to make your domain name perfect.

The Address for the Servers

Your domain name and your website name can be completely different. The domain name is the address for the servers, telling them where you are. It needs to be unique and easy to remember for individuals typing it in.

Make It Connect to Your Business

What should your domain name be? Well, it depends. There are many who will make it their business name or their website name. Others will choose their individual name. You need to make sure it connects and makes sense to your customers/readers.

You Can Target Keywords

Your domain name will help you rank in search engines. Think about the types of keywords that your ideal customers will type into the search engine and consider using them for your domain name. Avoid keyword stuffing and just choose the main phrase that you want to rank for.

Keep It Separate from Your Web Host

Registering your domain name with your web host is a quick way of doing things, but you should avoid it. If you need to leave your web host for any reason, you don’t have to worry about moving your domain name either. All you have to do is switch the DNS to point to the new host, which will take a matter of seconds. Also, if your web host gets hacked, your domain names will be safe. You can get back control much sooner and easier.

It’s time to organise your domain name. Follow the above advice and you will be sailing through.

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