How To Ditch The Dream Crushers And Find People Who Will Support You Working From Home

When you start working from home, you will soon find people you believed would support you are dream crushers. They do everything to stop you, sometimes knowingly sabotaging you. It’s time for you to ditch these people and find those who will support you in your work from home journey. Here are three steps to take to do that.

Take to Business Facebook Groups

Facebook is your number one place for likeminded people. There are plenty of groups set up to help those who work from home, including blogging, boss, and networking groups. Make yourself a part of them and be active in them. Share about your business and look for likeminded people within your niche or connected to your industry. You’ll sood find ways to support each other.

Take to Business Forums

Use search engines to find forums set up for those who work from home. There are plenty of individuals with similar goals and aims, and those who have already made it. You’ll pick up tips and advice on moving forward and some forums will help you remain accountable to your goals. Find an accountability partner or two so you can push each other forward.

Connect, Grow and Support

This isn’t a one way street. When working from home, you need to give support to others within the industry. This is the way that you’ll get others to support you. Find five people across the Facebook groups and forums who have similar goals or needs. Speak to them and connect. Try to connect in person, but definitely create a friendship online. Follow them on social media platforms and share their stuff. You’ll find that people are more willing to reciprocate this way.

Ditch those in your life who aren’t helping you grow your business. Focus on the people who want to support you and will help you move forward.

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