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If you’d like to become a full-time freelancer and work from home like 30% of Australians already do…

You may want to check out my next free live meet up event.

In this live workshop I share with you tried and tested tactics that are working for me and my clients right now.

90  minutes of your time, live with me and you can ask me any question (which I answer live at the end of the event)

Even if I never see you again after this live event, You will be able to use the information you learn to create all sorts of freelance services

Here is a fraction of what is at the live event

  • Reasons why you should become a freelancer
  • 7 Steps to start your freelance career
  • Education sites you can upskill your freelance services
  • 25 productivity tips to keep you on track
  • 20 tips on what not to do
  • 3 Start up checklists

(You will be sent a link via email  to register for the event)

Launch your profitable freelance career using the exact system I’ve used to build my freelance career from scratch into a full time work from home lifestyle.

I’ve already done all the legwork (and made the mistakes that I warn you about)

I know you have the ability to become a successful freelancer.. you just need the right person in your corner giving you the right information. That is what I am doing for you with the content of this event. You won’t have to guess your way through the journey

Here is what you need to do next

The cost of this event is normally $197AU but for this month I am giving it away FREE!

What’s the catch I hear you say?

There’s no catch, no gimmicks, no monthly sign ups or memberships

There are 4 valid reasons why this event is free

  1. Free means this event can reach a maximum amount of people
  2. Only action takers invest their time in learning so it helps me understand who is ready to take action and who is not.
  1. It is an opportunity for me to showcase my knowledge and for you to get to know me a little better without a massive risk
  2. My hope is that the event will inspire you to take further action & maybe you will trust me enough to reach out to me so we can work together to really tackle your work from home lifestyle.

Register For The Event HERE