Confused By Hosting? Here Are 3 Pieces of Information to Help You

Don’t worry if you’re confused by domain hosting. You’re definitely not the only one. Here are three bits of information that you need to know.

Who Is Your Domain Host?

When you buy your domain name, you will need to go through a company who sells them. You can’t just type in an available domain name and instantly take ownership. The company that sells you the domain name will become the host. This is where the files for the domain and the DNS are created and stored.

What Is a Domain Server?

The server is a computer where your domain and all the information connected to it is stored. Your domain host will use a server as the directory, making it very much like a phone book for the internet. The server translates the domain name into an internet protocol (IP) address, making it possible for computers to find your website.

Should Your Host Be Where You Live?

There are hosts for domains around the world. You could find a cheaper one abroad, but you want to consider a domain host in your own country. There will be a better support network and better service within your own country, since you’re closer. However, it’s also a legal benefit. Hosting your site abroad opens your site to the legal requirements within that country. It doesn’t matter where your based, and there have been times individuals have been arrested due to breaking local laws due to domain host.

Consider the implications of your domain host and think about who you will pay for this privilege. This is important to make sure your site is secure and remains online the whole time.

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