About Me…


I am Lou, Let me tell you my story and see if it sounds familiar. Straight after high school I went to university. After uni I got a job I hated. It paid well but it wasn’t really where I saw myself working for the rest of my life.

I became a mum and moved in and out of administration jobs that would work around my family.

I struggled with the office politics, and the after lunch slump. I would often zone out and then get anxious because I felt like I wasn’t achieving anything. Hours would go by then I would realise I only had a few hours left to get as much work as I could get done.

Is this starting to ring some bells?

I hated every day and the stress was showing up at home too. My house was never clean, I struggled to get dinner on the table before 8pm, Clothes would pile up. I was becoming disengaged at work and at home. Something had to give.. I needed Freedom

I would tell myself “This is life, everyone feels like this.. just get on with it”

If you changed my name out for yours would the story be similar? This isn’t just my story..

I Am Here To Tell You That Your Life Doesn’t Have To Be Like This!

The industry I worked in was real estate. I would go to homes for regular property inspections and sometimes I would meet a mum who created her own business working from home.

To be honest, this just added to my struggle because it became apparent that “This isn’t life for everyone and not everyone feels like this” Some people were living a better life and I hated myself for not knowing how.

However, little did I know that as my son grew it became clear he was better off homechooled. I needed to get creative about how I was going to earn an income and homeschool at the same time. During my next scheduled real estate inspections I decided to ask the two mum’s that were working from home.

One was a data entry consultant and worked for a Swedish company. The other was creating her own little baby products to sell.

I found the answer in becoming my own home based administration consultant and this is the very freedom lifestyle I want to share with you.